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Swing Swing
There was nothing sinister about this darkness. Rather, it was soothing. Contained within the hours of the night, this darkness was a haven for the weary where the chance to rest was offered freely. Such an opportunity was almost impossible to pass up and it was one a certain red-banded turtle was currently using.  
It was only half-past ten which was still early by any teenager's standards. Even so, Raphael was overriding his night-owl nature for once. Having spent the previous evening out late with Casey and the majority of the day in the dojo training with his brothers, he had reached a level of tiredness that was no longer ignorable. Knowing that falling asleep on the couch put him at high risk for one of Mikey's pranks, Raph had decided to skip movie watching with the youngest turtle and instead seek safety inside his bedroom. Fresh out of the shower, he was now nested inside his hammock for the night.
All the lights inside his room had been turned off. No noise disturbe
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Different Point of View XXI: Unbelievable (End)
Absolutely unbelievable.
They almost killed each other last night…
…and now they're zonked out on the floor clinging to each other for dear life. Heck, Raph is even snoring a bit. Leo must be really exhausted if he can sleep with that buzzsaw sounding right by his head.
Honestly, I was half-expecting to come in here and find them still yelling at each other. I guess they must have finally figured things out or at least gotten all of the fighting out of their systems for the time being. Here's hoping that the peace will last...
Awwwwww, how cuuuuuuuuute! Look at them all cuddled up together!
…because the quiet sure won't as long as Mikey's around.
Michelangelo, hush!
Uh-oh. The snoring stopped. If Mikey makes anymore noise, he's going to wake Raph up for sure.
Come, my sons. You do not need to hold watch over your brothers, but you do need to clean up the kitchen please. I am retiring to my room for the evening.
Oh boy,
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Point of View LII: Exhaustion (End)
I don't even make it to the floor before I'm overcome with exhaustion.
That meltdown drained all of my energy which, after nearly a week of full-blown fights and almost no sleep, wasn't that much to begin with.
What I wouldn't give to be sinking into bed right now.
No, this is more important to me. For Raph, I'm going to hang on. Rest can come later.
Except I'm stalling about what to say. Again. Come on, think of something before the silence settles in…
Maybe Raph has an idea. I'll let him start the conversation.
What do you want to talk about, Raph?
I can tell by the way his forehead is scrunched that he's thinking hard. Maybe this is just as difficult for him as it is for me…expecting two people to hold a conversation after years of trying to avoid it. Of course, it's a struggle for both of us. That makes me feel a little better.
Why don't ya tell me how ya managed ta get me in a sleeper hold the other day? I didn't think it was possible with those scrawny arm of yers,
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Out of place (CHAPTER 1)
He coughed and gagged, as he felt the air rush out of his lungs. He struggled to stay upright, staggering around as he tried to look around; instead he fell to his knees as a wave of nausea inducing dizziness washed over him. His body wouldn’t stop shaking. All around him it felt like the world was spinning; forcing him to do the only thing he could, which was to grip the ground under his fingers and wait for the spinning to stop. He could hear sounds all around him; cars honking, people talking, planes flying over head. Lights blasted at him, bathing him in their illumination, blinding him, pressing down on him.
But no one was screaming or trying to kill him, so he was pretty sure no one was able to see him. clamping his eyes shut Mikey felt his stomach lurch sickeningly. A moment later his sides heaved as the entire contents of his stomach erupted from his mouth, as he became violently sick.
Even as he knelt there, clutching to the rooftop throwing his g
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Mature content
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Mikey's Secret Birthday Gift
Mikey could not help but feel his face flush slightly red as everyone around him finished singing. To his left Leo his oldest brother was smiling warmly at him, next to him Raph was doing his best to look bored but Mikey could see the love shining from his brother’s green eyes. Next to Raph, Donnie was grinning at him, while on Donnie’s other side stood April, Casey, and splinter who were also smiling at him.
Leaning forward Mikey took a deep breath before exhaling, blowing out the candles out on the cake that was in front of him. As the last flame flicked out of existence every clapped while Donnie moved and began to cut the cake. Smiling at everyone who had come to the party Mikey took the slice of cake that was being offered to him before dropping himself into the chair directly behind him.
Taking a bite out of the cake Mikey grinned as the taste of chocolate cake and strawberry frosting flooded his mouth. A
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Words In The Rain
Donnie watched Mikey silently pulled on his rain boots and coat; while Donnie did the same. Everyone else had long since fallen asleep but not him and Mikey. They’d both lain awake in their bed, occasionally poking the other to make sure they were still awake. Only when the gentle sounds of their father’s snores reached their ears did they know they were safe to move. Slowly they’d gotten out of bed before silently pulling on their boots and coats while doing their best not to wake their brother’s or father. In front of him Donnie watched as Mikey struggled to do up the buttons in his coat. Giggling slightly Donnie pushed his little brother’s fingers out of the way and did the buttons for him; snapping them into place before buttoning up his own jackets before grinning at Mikey.
Mikey grinned back at him and nodded “yeah!”
A second later the 6 year old turtle clasped his hands over his mouth, his eyes going wide in fear tha
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Mature content
The Things We Gain (CHAPTER 1) :icongameguy199:gameguy199 49 59



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